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Buns & Poboys

Sandwiches are served by themselves.
All sides are served a la carte.
** Sandwiches marked with an asterisk are NOT available AFTER 3pm.
Ham & Cheese
Thin-sliced ham piled high with cheddar cheese on a fresh French loaf & dressed to order.

Delicious golden brown catfish fillets placed between fresh French loaves & dressed to order.

Chicken Parmesan
Italian & Nawlin’s cuisine collide in this delectable sandwich. Golden fried chicken breast topped with melted Mozzarella and zesty marinara sauce. Dressed to order.

* Hot Roast Beef
Steaming hot sliced roast beef piled high on a French loaf topped with beef gravy and dressed to order. It’s messy, but oh so good.

Hamburger Poboy
Our meaty grilled hamburger patties on a fresh French loaf & dressed to order. Add cheese for a little extra.

* Potato Poboy
Crisp and golden fries piled high on a fresh French loaf, drenched with our hot roast beef gravy & dressed to order.

Gulf Shrimp
Our #1 favorite poboy. Golden-fried Gulf shrimp piled on a fresh French loaf & dressed to order. Goes great with a tall cold draft beer!

Gulf Oyster
Gulf oysters, breaded and fried ’til golden brown, served on a fresh French loaf & dressed to order. Most people like to add a little cocktail or hot sauce to kick it up a notch!

* Hot Sausage Poboy
Spicy sausage patties, grilled and stacked on a fresh French loaf, then dressed to order. This one really hits the spot.

* The Club
Triple-decker sandwich featuring sliced ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce. tomato, sliced American and Swiss cheese, and mayo. Best bring your appetite for this one!

* Muffaletta
Invented in New Orleans, this is the classic Italian sandwich featuring Genoa Salami, Ham, Monterrey Jack cheese, and fresh olive salad, served on a large, round Italian loaf. Most people can’t eat a whole, so we recommend a half or quarter per person.

Softshell Crab
Whole softshell crab, battered and golden fried, placed on a fresh French loaf and dressed to order.

Succulent Louisiana redfish fillets, battered, fried, placed on a fresh French bun and dressed to order.

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